Something Old, Something New, Something Scary, Something Boo!!

We all love a good story.  I prefer a good conspiracy.  An awesome ghost video.  End of Times projections based on Biblical analysis.  You know, something to either make you say “hmmm”… or, make you say “Oh come on, get real!!”.  They are all interesting, whether or not we find them thought provoking or beyond ludicrous.

That’s the gist of what you will find at Gray Protocol.  Things that I find online that are weird, unusual, and “catchy”… that you, dear Reader, might want to read and know whether it’s real, a hoax or just something from someone more paranoid that you are.

I won’t promise answers to all that unknown out there in cyberspace, but I will always add my own two cents to every post.  Feel free to chime in with yours or post a suggestion that you’d like to see researched.  I will try my best to go and find whatever I can and post it here.

As my tagline says, there are no communication rules at Grey Protocol.

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